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Tahoe Journal – June 18, 1998

June 18th, 1998

Thursday, June 18, 1998

The whole family and their dog went to the Donner Party Museum today. We had a picnic, and all of us had sandwiches and cold pizza. Most of us went in afterwards (sorry Lucy: NO DOGS ALLOWED!). There was a lot of interesting information, and I now know that cannibalism wasn’t the only topic of interest! We also watched a slideshow on the subject, which said a lot.

On the way back, we took Lucy to her beloved haven, Ward Creek. After just five minutes in the creek, she was satisfied!


Mario and Amelia at Donner Memorial

The Gang at the Donner Memorial

Carlo and Mario at Emigrant Trail Museum

Lunch at Donner Memorial

Tahoe Journal – June 17, 1998

June 17th, 1998

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

We drove to Reno, and did lots of stuff. At Planet Hollywood, we all ate Cap’n Crunch Chicken, which is the best chicken I have ever had before. They had some cool props from Star Wars (although they called the gaderffi stick a club!), as well as other various other movies. It was fun.

Afterwards, we drove over to Boomtown, a great little place with a run VR ride, which is the main reason that we drove there. I went on three different VR rides (they play four, but one looked stupid). I also went mini-golfing, but it only had nine small holes. I mostly played the arcade games for tickets. I got 106 tickets, but the prizes weren’t that good. My prize limit was a metal toy jeep and a plastic lizard. I met this kid from Washington who was going all over the country. He was only in 7th grade, but who cares? He was cool.

We went home (well, we went cabin!) afterward, and had some Godzilla ice cream after dinner. I love those chocolate chunks!


Tahoe Journal – June 16, 1998

June 16th, 1998

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

We went to the beach today to go canoeing. I didn’t feel like getting wet, so I rowed a lot. We had sandwiches at the beach for lunch. Unfortunately, we didn’t do anything else of significance.


Mario at the Lake

Mario and Dad Rowing on the Lake

Tahoe Journal – June 15, 1998

June 15th, 1998

Monday, June 15, 1998

Most of the family went horseback riding, but my ribs were bothering me, so I stayed with Gramma and Grampa. They probably had fun. Gramma and Grampa took me to a water plant, and they gave them a sample to see if it was okay. Then we drove to the Tahoe Tessie museum and looked at some of the newspaper articles. Next door was a wood-carving store with some cool carvings. Also, there was a gift shop, and they bought me a Lake Tahoe hat. We went over to Safeway (or was it Lucky’s?), and bought some really tasty Godzilla ice cream. It was delicious.


Grampa and Mario at Water Treatment Plant

Mario with Bear Carving

Mario at Tahoe Tessie Museum

Tahoe Journal – Flag Day 1998

June 14th, 1998

Sunday, June 14, 1998

Today was another Ponderosa day, the fourth one so far, and hopefully the last one for at least a little while (it’s fun, but it gets really repetitive!). We did the breakfast hay wagon, as usual, and got held up again, although he had some new jokes. The breakfast was pretty good, a sure plus. We didn’t see the gunfight, but we did get to see Buckaroo Beau, a new addition since our last three visits, where a cowboy by the same name does some fun rope tricks and gun-twirling stuff. That was cool. We left a lot earlier than usual.

Almost as soon as we got home, we decided to go to the beach. That was cool, because we got to bring out new 4-person raft. Only Carlo actually got in the water, but most of us got to paddle the raft (Donna mostly sunbathed). The paddling felt really good, because it helps me exercise my chest muscles, which is good, considering the trampoline incident. We ate some lunch there, paddled some more and went home.

Now it’s 8:00 PM, and we can’t find anything on the television to watch. What’s on Sunday night at 8?

tahoe-1998-06-14 tahoe-1998-06-14_2

Tahoe Journal – June 13, 1998

June 13th, 1998

Saturday, June 13, 1998

You may notice a modified format in this journal. I have begun to find a disliking in writing in cursive, so what you see is what you get!

We got here okay. The trip was so-so; we are breakfast and went here. Luckily, we all made great time. Interestingly, barely anyone is staying in the same 8-day period as we are, save Gramma and Grampa. Fortunately for me, this means that the boys get their own beds (the girls have to share one! ◕‿◕).

Not much else happened. I played a couple million round of electronic Wheel of Fortune. The kids had a few rounds of hide-and-seek, but I got tired quickly (because of the cracked rib thing!). Well, there wasn’t much else, so in the words of so many journal writers, “I gotta go now so bye”.


Tahoe Journal – June 19, 1997

June 19th, 1997

Today, we finally went to Emerald Bay. We had a nice long hike, and when we got down, we had a great lunch. I had a chicken sandwich. We didn’t swim, and most of us didn’t tour Vikingsholm (Kara, however, insisted to). We mostly went for the excercise and for the sights.

On the hike back, the girls continually complained about us “slowpoke” guys (Actually, Kara was rallying the girls to continually complain about us “slowpoke” guys!). Before the hike back, Dad, Carlo, Amelia and I hiked up Eagle Falls (Kara was on the tour; Donna stayed with Kara). That hike was probably the best hike of them all.

I am only sad to say that we are leaving tomorrow morning. For some reason, whenever we leave Tahoe, I always think two things:

  1. Man, was Kara annoying!
  2. I think I forgot to do something.

tahoe-1997-06-19 tahoe-1997-06-19_2

Tahoe Journal – June 18, 1997

June 18th, 1997

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

We were originally going to go to Emerald Bay, but after quite a few complaints, we went to the beach again. It was quite a bit warmer today, and a lot windier, too. We found a lot of crawdad claws, but we threw them back in the lake, because they were really stinky. I got to row the raft again, and that was pretty fun. We didn’t bring lunch this time, but I did have a bag of chips and a String Thing. It was a pretty fun.


Tahoe Journal – June 17, 1997

June 17th, 1997

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Man, is Lake Tahoe cold! Today we went swimming down at the beach. As I said above, it was quite chilly at the lake, but then again, when is it ever warm? Still, I always have loved to swim there. I also got to paddle the raft for awhile (Kara kept thinking it was her turn about every 5 seconds), and that was fun. We had a nice picnic lunch at the beach, but the mass quantities of ants kept me on my toes the whole time.

Later in the day, we went out to dinner at the Family Tree. I had this great chicken sandwich, and it definitely fulfilled my appetite!

After dinner, we drove to Magic Carpet Golf, which has become some kind of family tradition. It was Kara, Donna and Carlo vs Dad, Amelia and me. We whooped their butts big time (249 to 300!). Afterward, we played at the Moonshine Mine, and I kept soaking the girls (Dad got me a couple times too!). Then, I played the Simpsons arcade game, but couldn’t get past the second level.

On the way to the cabin, we stopped at McDonald’s and got some ice cream. All in all, I had a great day.

[included mini-golf scores]



tahoe-1997-06-17_2 tahoe-1997-06-17_3

Tahoe Journal – June 16, 1997

June 16th, 1997

Monday, June 16, 1997

Today was our third trip to the Ponderosa. It was pretty much like the other two, except the showdown had better jokes. We went on the breakfast hay wagon again, and had a great breakfast. I had seconds.

I was going to buy something with the money I brought (20 bucks!), but decided to spend it at The Store, which has more variety. When we got home, I got the idea to play Monopoly. Carlo agreed, but as we set up, he quit, and just because he didn’t like the board setup! Talk about being a poor sport!

tahoe-1997-06-16 tahoe-1997-06-16_2

The Gang at Ponderosa Ranch

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