Tahoe Journal – June 19, 1997

June 19th, 1997

Today, we finally went to Emerald Bay. We had a nice long hike, and when we got down, we had a great lunch. I had a chicken sandwich. We didn’t swim, and most of us didn’t tour Vikingsholm (Kara, however, insisted to). We mostly went for the excercise and for the sights.

On the hike back, the girls continually complained about us “slowpoke” guys (Actually, Kara was rallying the girls to continually complain about us “slowpoke” guys!). Before the hike back, Dad, Carlo, Amelia and I hiked up Eagle Falls (Kara was on the tour; Donna stayed with Kara). That hike was probably the best hike of them all.

I am only sad to say that we are leaving tomorrow morning. For some reason, whenever we leave Tahoe, I always think two things:

  1. Man, was Kara annoying!
  2. I think I forgot to do something.

tahoe-1997-06-19 tahoe-1997-06-19_2