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I Like-Like You! Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13th, 2015

My sometimes-yearly tradition of making store-bought-style Valentine’s Day cards based on things I like… continues! This year I went with The Legend of Zelda for NES. Personally I prefer Zelda II, but it’s hard to deny the cuteness of square-aspect-ratio-3/4-pseudo-isometric-view Link from the original.


Splatoon Lady

June 18th, 2014

Splatoon Lady (deviantART)

From the moment I saw the trailer for this game, I was enamored by its style and colors. So I put them on my computer I guess?

Frog and Toad Meet Mr. Bump

August 20th, 2012

Back in elementary school, we had access to a cheap, simple book publishing process; we would write and draw our stories, and the librarian would laminate the pages, punch holes and apply plastic binding. Some of my fondest school memories involved churning out story after story and seemingly having them immortalized in real book form.

Cut to the modern era, where I have been collecting old childhood artwork as Apple Cow fodder (turns out I’m still making those???). During one of these scanning sessions, I came across one of my old books.

Then I discovered this book was actually an early attempt at crossover fanfiction and told the story of Frog and Toad meeting Mr. Bump!

So I’ve decided to treat this a little differently than Apple Cow. Not only because the characters are protected under copyright law (and I’ve never created webcomics primarily featuring copyrighted characters), but also because, as a completed work, I felt a more appropriate (and entertaining) action would be to release it in its entirety to an unsuspecting Internet.

I’ll probably eventually add the pages to Dot Matrix for archival purposes, but for the time being I’ve created a Tumblr blog dedicated to this project. Tune in to Frog and Toad Meet Mr. Bump for weekly page uploads and hopefully humorous commentary as I delve into the creative mind of my nine-year-old self!


Square One (the state of starting anew, not the hit public broadcasting television series)

February 21st, 2011

I haven’t been drawing.

There was a time, oh so long ago, when I thought to myself, “Self, you need to create something people will enjoy. This something should come in the form of a webcomic that doesn’t involve the intellectual property of others.”

And so I promptly screwed around and stopped working on everything comic-related. Life got in the way, but really I let life take over and changed my priorities. I got a better job, moved back to the part of California that doesn’t suck, and threw myself into activities directly related to paying bills and advancing career.

Through all this, I kept it in my mind that I wanted to get back to comics, that I wanted to make my big splash in the webcomic world with something I could truly call my own. I’m finally at a point where I feel like I can start to work toward these goals.

Too bad I forgot to keep drawing during all that downtime!

I feel like I’ve got a horrible case of the stupid fingers. I would never have claimed to be a great artist (that takes more formal art education, generally), but my lack of practice means my drawings today look not all that different from my drawings five years ago, when I still wasn’t where I wanted to be talent-wise. As a result, I’m forcing myself to go through the basics, to rebuild a foundation upon which I can build something resembling decent artistry.

While browsing through various Livejournal blogs of webcomic artists I admire (not at all to try and steal their powers), I was directed toward an excellent online tool at Pose Maniacs. The site has digitally-rendered male and female models in thousands of configurations of poses, with musculature exposed to help you break down the form. Of particular interest is the thirty second randomizer, forcing you to get your gesture draw on. It’s a wonderful resource I highly recommend everyone bookmark and frequent right away (get the iPhone app while you’re at it; I love the thought of having this sort of resource wherever I go). In the interest of attempting to build discipline through public display, here are some figure drawing exercises from yesterday and today (slightly NSFW pics of naked nudeness after the break). Continue Reading »

Lacy, Gently Wafting Valentines

February 14th, 2011

My yearly tradition returns for another year! Like all yearly traditions ought to. Whenever I can muster up the strength to do so, I make Valentine’s Day cards for my mother and siblings to enjoy. Last year I made a batch in the style of Back to the Future. This year I decided to go with something relatively more contemporary: enjoy my Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog valentines!

If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible yet… seriously, what’s wrong with you? Please go buy the DVD (or Blu-ray), buy the soundtrack, watch Commentary! The Musical, buy the Commentary! soundtrack… then come back here and print out the valentines and enjoy please.


Infinity Right Now

October 30th, 2010

Remember Blue? Of course you do! She played the webconcert live at my apartment back in September, and it was made of pure awesome. Well for the past few months, she’s been working hard on not-so-secret projects, and now all that work has come to fruition in the form of a brand new album!

In addition to having excellent songs about stuff like webcomics (including Dinosaur Comics, Questionable Content and Girly!) and Mathnet and people named John(/Jon), this album features special artwork by yours truly. The musician has been faithfully rendered in a Chrono Trigger-style sprite, which can only further enhance the already-intense levels of awesomeness this album already emanates. Here’s the cover:

(when you buy the album, you get the cover in EVEN HIGHER RESOLUTION. If that’s EVEN POSSIBLE)

Infinity Right Now is available RIGHT NOW from Blue’s Bandcamp page! In addition to the twelve official songs, there are two actually-secret bonus tracks, and if you buy during the brief pre-release period, you get a not-secret extra-bonus even-bonusier track!

Go pick it up already! And tell all your friends about it, so that they’ll pick it up and tell all their friends about it and so on! They might end up retelling you about it too. Don’t feel too bad about that, it’s statistically likely that you’ll appear more than once on the Friend Continuum.


Great Scott! It’s Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, 2010

It’s been a couple of years since I last made themed Valentine’s Day cards in the style of those store-bought franchise tie-in cards they make for kids, so I figured I was long overdue. Enjoy my Back to the Future valentines!


Pokémon reimagined as people

July 11th, 2008

Caught this link on Sexy Videogameland today. So cute! They drew a hell of a lot of Poké-people, so there’s a good chance they included your favorites. I choose you, Oddish!

Check ’em out! (sadly, the photos have been taken down, but you can go see a few at the blog link below)

(courtesy of Sexy Videogameland)


I’m Lost without you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, 2006

Remember when we used to give out Valentine’s Day cards in elementary school? The fun of finding store-bought perforated cards themed around a popular movie or television series, filled with cheesy puns related to quotes and also love? Well I say we should never grow out of such things.

With that in mind, enjoy these Valentines I made for my family themed after the hit television show LOST!


Cancer came scuttling back

August 29th, 2005

I hate it when I sit down in front of my computer, all prepped to make a comic, and suddenly all the inspiration and drive completely drains out of me. I mean I really hate it. It’s incredibly frustrating, being psyched to create a comic one moment and wanting to be anywhere but at the computer the next. Usually I try to force myself to make something, anything that might pass for an update, but that ends up being even less productive.

Right now I just wanna sleep, so we’ll see how that goes. Might as well be somewhat well-rested for work tomorrow.