Tahoe Journal – June 15, 1998

June 15th, 1998

Monday, June 15, 1998

Most of the family went horseback riding, but my ribs were bothering me, so I stayed with Gramma and Grampa. They probably had fun. Gramma and Grampa took me to a water plant, and they gave them a sample to see if it was okay. Then we drove to the Tahoe Tessie museum and looked at some of the newspaper articles. Next door was a wood-carving store with some cool carvings. Also, there was a gift shop, and they bought me a Lake Tahoe hat. We went over to Safeway (or was it Lucky’s?), and bought some really tasty Godzilla ice cream. It was delicious.


Grampa and Mario at Water Treatment Plant

Mario with Bear Carving

Mario at Tahoe Tessie Museum