Save ConnectiCon! Please.

The site linked in the colorful banner below can explain all this much better, but to summarize: ConnectiCon is in desparate need of funds to get the founders out of debt and ensure that the convention continues to exist for next year. Please consider donating a buck or two to the cause. If you’re not into the PayPal tip jar ‘thang’, several artists are auctioning some sketches on eBay in the name of Save ConnectiCon, so place some bids if you’re interested.

Thank you for your time.

"Oxygen don't grow on trees, ya know!"

I’m making an entry in my blog!

Google has added NASA imagery to the Google Maps technology to create Google Moon. Zoom in all the way. Satellite photos don’t lie, people!

My current listening-to music isn’t even music, it’s a podcast! Look at me, using crazy meme-phraseology like “blog” and “podcast” like some sort of l33t mememaster*!

I’m hungry for breakfast. Can I have some breakfast now?

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Sorry guys, I seem to have become an expert at not telling people about my vacation plans in advance. I’m headed to the airport in about 20 minutes for a trip to Oahu! And a week after that, I’m going to Connecticut for the ever-awesome ConnectiCon! As my friend Ryan just informed me, I’m “pulling a Jason”. Cool people that aren’t lame know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ll keep in touch maybe! See you guys at CTCon ’05! And maybe Dave Matthews too, you never know what that amazing fellow will do next. He’s just that awesome.

back in black like a mack attack, Jack

I’m back, yay hooray. Now, a story about my return trip:

Okay, so I’m going through security at Pittsburgh International Airport (or PIT, as the hip airport-savvy kids are calling it), when one of the security folks flagged me down and informed me that I was randomly selected for additional security screening. He quickly stamped a friendly little “Inspected By” stamp like you might see on USDA-approved beef and directed me to a nondescript metal detector line to the far right of the rest. I was instructed to remove my shoes (which were then taken from me for additional scans), and after the standard walkthrough metal detector, I was given the wand treatment (this is where they wave their magic wand all around you and up between your legs, dangerously close to the crotchular area) and a friendly all-over pat-down. Afterward, I was directed to a nearby chair while the man proceeded to go through my backpack, making sure there were no hydrogen bombs folded into my t-shirts or whatever (I declined to bring any baggage beyond my carry-on, so it contained all the clothing and toiletries I brought on the trip. I should stress at this point that the bag was exceedingly difficult to pack up before I left for the airport. I didn’t have any larger backpacks available to me, so I had to stuff as many clothes into it as possible).

I don’t want you to get me wrong here. I’m not complaining about the often-berated “price of freedom” portrayed in this story. It’s a price I’m glad to pay in order to feel secure while flying. Of course, I already felt plenty secure before the pat-down, but that’s beside the point.

The point I’m getting at is this: after determining that my bag was cruise missile-free, he instructed me to pack the bag up and took off, with nary an offer to assist me in repacking! Stef can attest to the extreme effort that was necessary to get that zipper closed and contain all the items. And the guy just left me to my own devices! Could he not have at least apologized for the inconvenience?

If rudeness is the aforementioned price of freedom, I may have to rethink my stance on the matter.

You make a garbageman scream

Read Narbonic, everybody! It’s Narbonically delicious! Also it’s temporarily out from behind its subscription wall, so move quickly. Stef got me hooked, and now I’m paying it forward. Read them all!

Unfortunately, now that I’ve read through it all, I am woefully out of things to do. I’m not bored exactly, but I am awake. Even though it shouldn’t be a mood, I’m using it anyway, because it fits. I am not asleep. Also there is some pizza.

"Get out of town!" "Okay!"

I’m gettin’ the hell out of this one-horse town (ed: our town probably has more horses than that, they’re just never around when you’re trying to take an accurate horse census) and flying to Pittsburgh for a week! I expect I shall have a wonderful time there, but I just wanted to keep the reading public aware. You know, in case anyone was wondering why I didn’t update my oft-updated Livejournal during the next week. I’ll be back around next week on Friday, so see y’all then!

(ed: I don’t have an editor)


Mac OS X Tiger comes out today. FedEx informs me that the copy I ordered (60 bucks off! It pays to be an educator sometimes!) will show up at my door at 4:30PM Pacific Daylight Time. I’m biding my time by browsing the Dashboard Widget download page looking for cool widgets to grab up once I install Tiger. Ironically, the coolest widget is one I could be using to track the order, if I already had it.

When it does show up, I’ll be watching the end of the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie, and will possibly even be aware of whether it rocks or sucks!