WTF Jack in the Box?

I just bought some Jack in the Box breakfast on the way to work (it wasn’t really by choice; Jack in the Box is the only drive-through restaurant in town). When I got to work, I found that they gave me french fries instead of hash browns! How screwy is that? If I didn’t have work to do I’d drive right back and hella complain, but as it stands all I can do is eat my fries.

Say, fries with a sausage croissant sandwich isn’t half-bad.

"What do you get when you multiply 9 by 6?"

My friends and I invented a little game we play whenever we go to the movie theater. During the movie trailers that precede the feature presentation (did you know the trailers used to be shown after the movie? That’s where they got their name! The More You Know!â„¢), we count how many unoriginal movies are premiered compared to originals. Now, an ambiguous term like “unoriginal” may seem a bit silly to use concerning Hollywood productions these days, but for our purposes this is broken down into three subcategories:

•remakes (movies based directly off of older movies, or foreign films; War of the Worlds, The Amityville Horror, The Ring 1+2)
•sequels (and prequels; Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Be Cool, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Batman Begins)
•adaptations (movies based off of other non-movie works, such as books, short stories, and TV shows; Fantastic Four, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Chronicles of Narnia, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Sin City, Bewitched)

The purpose of this little game is to determine just how little creativity is left in the Hollywood scene. Of course, this doesn’t take into account films that use formulaic plots (like romantic comedies or teen movies of the sexy romp nature), or are just plain bad, but it gives us a useful figure we can work with. Sometimes I see a movie with about 50% unoriginal trailers (this should be considered a good figure in this day and age); other times, it gets as high as 80% (this is a pretty common figure in my experience).

So the next time you go to the movies, see how things add up. Note that results may vary depending on what sort of movie you’re seeing, or what type of theater you’re in (local indie theaters will have much lower figures). If you are welcomed with an Unoriginal Ratio of <30%, you should consider yourself very lucky, but don't count on it. Movies suck hard nowadays. This game isn't intended to be fun, it's intended to make you feel sad about how movies suck so hard nowadays. And on that note, I'm gonna go see the Hitchhiker's Guide movie (adaptation) on opening night. Hopefully it won't suck hard!

For Appearance's Sake

Sigh. It seems like everyone I know is joining one blog site or another nowadays. Guess I’ll stick around here and say things every now and then. Like I already was. The difference being this time I openly admit it.

I might even throw a blog link on my comic front page, seeing as how that’s what all the webcomic bigwigs and fatcats are doing. Ryan North‘s got one, and he sells t-shirts! The two are likely connected in some fashion, so I figure this is probably one of those early steps toward making tens, possibly dozens of dollars off my webcomic. I’ll still remember all you little folk when I rise to webcomic celebritydom and sell the rights for my comic to become a major Hollywood motion picture.

The minor copyright issues with the Big N could be problematic, but I figure I should be able to win them over with my charm and wit or, barring that, a Sexy Shrugâ„¢ or two.

Hey, this whole Say Things That Come To Mind thing isn’t half-bad. We must do this again some time.

Who Woulda Thunk?

Like the title says, who woulda thunk? Certainly not I!

Here I was, telling everyone I’d never ever ever ever ever write in LiveJournal ever again. Here I was, making fun of the LJ community via AIM at every given opportunity. Here I was, making collaborative comics that poked fun at the letters ‘L’ and ‘J’. And yet, here I am, saying stuff.

Oh well, at least I’m not talking about my feelings or anything!