You make a garbageman scream

Read Narbonic, everybody! It’s Narbonically delicious! Also it’s temporarily out from behind its subscription wall, so move quickly. Stef got me hooked, and now I’m paying it forward. Read them all!

Unfortunately, now that I’ve read through it all, I am woefully out of things to do. I’m not bored exactly, but I am awake. Even though it shouldn’t be a mood, I’m using it anyway, because it fits. I am not asleep. Also there is some pizza.

4 thoughts on “You make a garbageman scream”

  1. I TOOOOOLLLLD you it was a boring place. I told and told and told you that. And told you some more.

  2. You are listening to something from the St Clara soundtrack! rad.

    Pittsburgh is where sad people go to talk about stereo equipment.

  3. Yup. Narbonic’s amusing. I needa find time in my way too busy schedule to finish reading it while it’s free.

    As for things that you can do, I hear there’s this newfangled thing called webcomics. You know, comics, but on teh intarweb! Mebbe you could make one. . . :p

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