"Get out of town!" "Okay!"

I’m gettin’ the hell out of this one-horse town (ed: our town probably has more horses than that, they’re just never around when you’re trying to take an accurate horse census) and flying to Pittsburgh for a week! I expect I shall have a wonderful time there, but I just wanted to keep the reading public aware. You know, in case anyone was wondering why I didn’t update my oft-updated Livejournal during the next week. I’ll be back around next week on Friday, so see y’all then!

(ed: I don’t have an editor)

3 thoughts on “"Get out of town!" "Okay!"”

    1. Sorry, no Olgas to be seen. Admittedly, I didn’t look all that hard, but rest assured there would have been all kinds of killin’ had the situation arisen.

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