WTF Jack in the Box?

I just bought some Jack in the Box breakfast on the way to work (it wasn’t really by choice; Jack in the Box is the only drive-through restaurant in town). When I got to work, I found that they gave me french fries instead of hash browns! How screwy is that? If I didn’t have work to do I’d drive right back and hella complain, but as it stands all I can do is eat my fries.

Say, fries with a sausage croissant sandwich isn’t half-bad.

For Appearance's Sake

Sigh. It seems like everyone I know is joining one blog site or another nowadays. Guess I’ll stick around here and say things every now and then. Like I already was. The difference being this time I openly admit it.

I might even throw a blog link on my comic front page, seeing as how that’s what all the webcomic bigwigs and fatcats are doing. Ryan North‘s got one, and he sells t-shirts! The two are likely connected in some fashion, so I figure this is probably one of those early steps toward making tens, possibly dozens of dollars off my webcomic. I’ll still remember all you little folk when I rise to webcomic celebritydom and sell the rights for my comic to become a major Hollywood motion picture.

The minor copyright issues with the Big N could be problematic, but I figure I should be able to win them over with my charm and wit or, barring that, a Sexy Shrugâ„¢ or two.

Hey, this whole Say Things That Come To Mind thing isn’t half-bad. We must do this again some time.

I saw her, yeah I saw her

And I know I’m gonna steal a life
She doesn’t even know it’s wrong
And you know I’m gonna make it right
Take her where her soul belongs

-Beck, “Girl”

Damnit, no matter how much I refresh the iTunes Music Store, Guero just won’t show up! I’ll probably be spending much of this evening listening to the remixes, imagining how the album’s going to sound in not-8-bit. I’m hoping I can catch the album on iTMS before I give in and buy the physical album, since it’s cheaper, and may or may not come with bonus tracks or something. I’m a sucker for bonus tracks.

I’m gonna do my darndest to make a comic tonight, so keep an eye out for that maybe.

Who Woulda Thunk?

Like the title says, who woulda thunk? Certainly not I!

Here I was, telling everyone I’d never ever ever ever ever write in LiveJournal ever again. Here I was, making fun of the LJ community via AIM at every given opportunity. Here I was, making collaborative comics that poked fun at the letters ‘L’ and ‘J’. And yet, here I am, saying stuff.

Oh well, at least I’m not talking about my feelings or anything!