For Appearance's Sake

Sigh. It seems like everyone I know is joining one blog site or another nowadays. Guess I’ll stick around here and say things every now and then. Like I already was. The difference being this time I openly admit it.

I might even throw a blog link on my comic front page, seeing as how that’s what all the webcomic bigwigs and fatcats are doing. Ryan North‘s got one, and he sells t-shirts! The two are likely connected in some fashion, so I figure this is probably one of those early steps toward making tens, possibly dozens of dollars off my webcomic. I’ll still remember all you little folk when I rise to webcomic celebritydom and sell the rights for my comic to become a major Hollywood motion picture.

The minor copyright issues with the Big N could be problematic, but I figure I should be able to win them over with my charm and wit or, barring that, a Sexy Shrugâ„¢ or two.

Hey, this whole Say Things That Come To Mind thing isn’t half-bad. We must do this again some time.

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