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"Oxygen don't grow on trees, ya know!"

July 22nd, 2005

I’m making an entry in my blog!

Google has added NASA imagery to the Google Maps technology to create Google Moon. Zoom in all the way. Satellite photos don’t lie, people!

My current listening-to music isn’t even music, it’s a podcast! Look at me, using crazy meme-phraseology like “blog” and “podcast” like some sort of l33t mememaster*!

I’m hungry for breakfast. Can I have some breakfast now?

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July 6th, 2005

Sorry guys, I seem to have become an expert at not telling people about my vacation plans in advance. I’m headed to the airport in about 20 minutes for a trip to Oahu! And a week after that, I’m going to Connecticut for the ever-awesome ConnectiCon! As my friend Ryan just informed me, I’m “pulling a Jason”. Cool people that aren’t lame know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ll keep in touch maybe! See you guys at CTCon ’05! And maybe Dave Matthews too, you never know what that amazing fellow will do next. He’s just that awesome.

I saw her, yeah I saw her

March 28th, 2005

And I know I’m gonna steal a life
She doesn’t even know it’s wrong
And you know I’m gonna make it right
Take her where her soul belongs

-Beck, “Girl”

Damnit, no matter how much I refresh the iTunes Music Store, Guero just won’t show up! I’ll probably be spending much of this evening listening to the remixes, imagining how the album’s going to sound in not-8-bit. I’m hoping I can catch the album on iTMS before I give in and buy the physical album, since it’s cheaper, and may or may not come with bonus tracks or something. I’m a sucker for bonus tracks.

I’m gonna do my darndest to make a comic tonight, so keep an eye out for that maybe.

ads remixed

December 8th, 2004

friend geoff made a cool song dealie, and i figured i’d share it with y’all so go already

LiveJournal Counterbalance

December 6th, 2004

Okay, okay! I don’t think LiveJournal is the worst thing on the face of the Earth! 

I just think its community is. ZING! 

Seriously though, I kid ’cause I love. 

Song recommendation: F4T4L_3RR0R – HyruleHousingInc


November 8th, 2004

i have made a long-overdue update to the get a life soundtrack with track 4 “winterpretation” … wednesday november 10th is the first annual ALL CAPS DAY (basically, leave that caps lock key on for the duration of the day)

fall back

June 23rd, 2004

added “fall back” to music page … ate a bologna sandwich


June 4th, 2004

I thought I should drop in real quick and tell you all to download Simon Extreme. For all you “young’ns” who never experienced the joy of Simon, it’s a requirement that you download and play the game right now. Nay, a civic duty. For the rest of you that know and love the game already, well… it’s required of you too. You need to spread the word on this most classic of classic games. Download it already. 

(requires Mac OS X to work, but all cool people have Mac OS X anyway… you are cool, right?) 

Song recommendation: Ros Serey Sothea – I’m Sixteen

Like I need a subject title!

May 14th, 2004

I figure it’s about time I flesh out this here weblog. I never was into that whole ‘blog’ scene in the past (mostly because my other projects have blog-like properties of their own). But ever since I signed up with Spymac for its 1 GB of e-mail storage, I figured I might as well make use of the other nifty features and do-gadgets. So you’ll probably be seeing a lot more blog entries up in here. Get used to it! 

(I won’t, however, do those silly LiveJournal mood indicators. For crying out loud, is “cold” really a mood?!? I beseech thee) 

But why did I actually make this entry? I, who constantly neglect scheduled site updates in favor of selfish abstract activities such as “work” and “school” and “eating in order to survive”? Well, my fledgling blog is the proud winner of the CultSpy award! After several seconds of research, I found that CultSpy looks around for the most well-written blogs in the Spymac community. I must say, I’m quite honored to receive this. Now if only people would comment more often… >.< 

Oh yeah, since I’m all bloggin’ up in here, here is one of those common blog staples: currently playing songs! But I’ll provide a little something extra by providing a link to the song in the iTunes Music Store, so you can share in the love. Catch you all later, when I have more things to say! 

Song recommendation: AIR – Alone In Kyoto

99¢ a song? How can I lose?

April 16th, 2004

I thank God every day that I don’t own a credit card. That’s because I know that no matter how responsible I think I might be with a credit card, the instant I acquired one, I would open up the iTunes Music Store and overcharge that thing so quickly my head would spin. 

It’s like some sort of drug addiction. You browse through and say to yourself “Hey look: ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ by Björk! And it’s only 99¢!” So you buy ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ by Björk for 99¢ because, hey, it’s so damn cheap. Later on, you win a free song in your Pepsi bottle, so you figure “Hmm, I could go grab ‘Sign’ by Nobukazu Takemura with this.” So that’s what you do. 

And that’s how they grab you. 

Soon you find yourself driving to the Apple Store in Valley Fair Mall to buy a $10 gift certificate so you can grab up the Debut album by Björk. Next you’re standing in the supermarket looking through the Pepsi bottles to find winning pieces, so you can grab the iTunes exclusive BA BA TI KI DI DO album by Sigur Rós. Before you know it, you’re trading sexual favors for spare change and spare Pepsi bottle caps on the street corner. 

I should know, I’ve been through it all. Except for the sexual favors. I would never stoop that low… at least until the Pepsi giveaway ends on April 30th. My God, what have I become?

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