Like I need a subject title!

May 14th, 2004

I figure it’s about time I flesh out this here weblog. I never was into that whole ‘blog’ scene in the past (mostly because my other projects have blog-like properties of their own). But ever since I signed up with Spymac for its 1 GB of e-mail storage, I figured I might as well make use of the other nifty features and do-gadgets. So you’ll probably be seeing a lot more blog entries up in here. Get used to it! 

(I won’t, however, do those silly LiveJournal mood indicators. For crying out loud, is “cold” really a mood?!? I beseech thee) 

But why did I actually make this entry? I, who constantly neglect scheduled site updates in favor of selfish abstract activities such as “work” and “school” and “eating in order to survive”? Well, my fledgling blog is the proud winner of the CultSpy award! After several seconds of research, I found that CultSpy looks around for the most well-written blogs in the Spymac community. I must say, I’m quite honored to receive this. Now if only people would comment more often… >.< 

Oh yeah, since I’m all bloggin’ up in here, here is one of those common blog staples: currently playing songs! But I’ll provide a little something extra by providing a link to the song in the iTunes Music Store, so you can share in the love. Catch you all later, when I have more things to say! 

Song recommendation: AIR – Alone In Kyoto