Redundant Virtual Console Redundancy

February 23rd, 2007

I’m sure everyone’s read by now that The Legend of Zelda’s arguably most-loved title in the series, Ocarina of Time, has finally made its way to the Virtual Console (in the UK; the US will get it on Monday).

Can I be the first to say: Who really cares?

Yes, Ocarina of Time, or “OoT” to its friends, was a great N64 title. It was one of the reasons I was so psyched to get the system back in the day (I can’t believe I’m already referring to the N64’s time as “the day”, but it really was two gaming generations ago). But between the original (shiny gold) cartridge and the Master Quest and Zelda Collector’s Edition GameCube disks, I’ve pretty much had my fill of the game (and can even play those last two on the Wii directly with no fuss). I can’t be the only one in this position of owning the same game too many times already, and not wanting to drop another thousand Wii Points just so I can flaunt my ability to beat the puzzle to reach Gohma (SPOILER ALERT FOR YOU ZELDA 64 NEWCOMERS: “Twenty-three is number one!”).

Unfortunately (fortunately?), it’s pretty much the same story for me with much of the rest of the Shop Channel, at least as far as the Nintendo fare is concerned. No matter how much I love to blast through Super Mario Bros., I’m not going to pick it up when I already own the NES cartridge as well as the Super Mario Bros. DX remake on Game Boy Color. Donkey Kong Country? I’ll just fire up the ol’ SNES, thank you very much. I won’t even think about picking up Zelda II: The Adventure of Link whenever it becomes available (you don’t wanna know how many of those I’ve got). The Legend of Kage? I-

Well, there might be a few Nintendo games I need to pick up.