Internet Carols (and a resolution)

January 2nd, 2011

Happy New Year, The Internet!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. And sorry for an apology that followers of my works hear all too often. A lot’s been happening in my life lately, but I hope to make up for my varied absences with my New Year’s resolution of MORE BLOG POSTS OMG

What will this result in? Hopefully more frequent updates on this blog (and other projects)! When I decided on this resolution, my first thought was to post something daily, but I have a feeling that would get rambly-cluttered and also insane, so my current goal is one blog post per week. I may not always have major projects to discuss, but at the very least I’ll keep all my faithful readers appraised of goings-on like a good blogger should.

Which brings us to my first blog post of 2011, wherein I discuss: Internet Christmas carols!

For the holiday season, Blue decided to make video Christmas carols for her favorite websites. Seeing that this was an awesome idea, I humbly offered my assistance at sprucing up the videos with vocal accompaniment and jingly bells, with iMovie providing the picture-in-picture magic. Here are our collaborative results!

Oh Lobster Tree
(for Tree Lobsters)

Oh Little Antisoshell Tortoise
(for Antisoshell)

God Rest You, I’m Aaron J
(for Aaron J (he’s Aaron J!))

Oh Stupid and Insane
(for Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos)

Merry Christmas, Orange Belt!
(for The Orange Belt)

Go check out Hello, The Future! for the solo carols she did (plus all her other stuff of course). If you don’t feel like you’re sufficiently in the Christmas spirit at the start of a new year, you can just pretend these are 2011 carols. You’ll find that they work just as well for that Christmas probably!

See you next week! And you can take that to the bank the blood bank.


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