Chocolate-Covered Bacon

May 11th, 2008

While perusing the RiffTrax Blog (as is my wont), I came across an entry detailing the fascinating concept of chocolate-covered bacon. But this was different from any other ol’ blog post of the “wouldn’t it be crazy if they combined X and Y” or the Photoshopped picture combining rancid milk and bees variety, because it referenced a real place that sold a real product consisting of bacon dipped in chocolate, and most importantly, a real place that I had access to! So this Mother’s Day, when my mom declared her desire to ride the Giant Dipper at the Boardwalk and eat lunch on the wharf, I had the opportunity to stop by Marini’s at the Wharf! And did!!!

Whether a much braver man than I, or just quicker on the draw, my brother Carlo had the first bite of Amalgamation Christmas. The twisted contortion on his face can only possibly be the result of amazement at the synergistic effects of these seemingly clashing flavors coming together at last.

And here’s me having my fill. Some of the other attendees didn’t feel like finishing off their pieces and handed them off to me. Clearly they couldn’t handle the bacon-powered intense flavor rush.

Final verdict: kinda nasty, but now I can say “I’ve tried chocolate-covered bacon. What have you done with your life?” Of course, I’ll need to quickly vacate the immediate vicinity of the conversation so as to not give them sufficient time to respond.