Denver, France!

February 18th, 2008

Denver, The Last Dinosaur! He’s on DVD, and a whole lot more!

So yeah, I ordered one as soon as I found out this morning (the DVD / t-shirt combo, if you’re curious), and I suggest all you Denver fans out there to do likewise. They only printed 1,000 copies in this run to gauge receptiveness by the public, so please show them that there are still fans of this one-year-run cartoon show about a newly hatched dinosaur that runs into a gang of Gen X nerds and wears sunglasses and rides a skateboard and sometimes gathers everyone around a piece of his eggshell that magically reveals tangential tidbits about prehistoric beasts! DO IT. I am not kidding. If enough people buy Volume 1, they just might give us the rest of them, and then I’ll probably be your best friend or something.

I’d like to take a brief moment to express my profound gratitude to Laura, the nice lady that handled my order over the phone. I was having trouble getting the shopping cart system to work via the website, so I called them directly. Not only did she place my order quickly, she was very receptive to my love of some random old cartoon show. She encouraged me to drop her company an email to let them now how much I wanted the rest of the DVD volumes to be produced (the answer is a lot), and I did so almost immediately, but I figured a mention on some no-name blog on the Innertubes would also be in order. Thanks Laura! It’s refreshing to see a company not only release classic content on DVD, but to go the extra mile with merchandising and responsiveness to the fans’ requests. If anyone here orders this DVD set, let Laura know how awesome she is.

(courtesy of, several months ago but hey that’s just how I roll)