Gamercraft: Embroidered Plush Nintendo System

July 4th, 2007

Gamercraft - Plush NESJeff (from The Orange Belt forums) pointed out this nifty little piece of gamercraft via Craftster: a sewn Nintendo Entertainment System! The attention to detail is commendable, though I’d really like to know how big the system is. It’s hard to tell with felted crafts sometimes, especially when there’s nothing in the photos to use as a frame of reference. Of course, this doesn’t diminish the project’s awesomeness in the slightest. Make sure you check out the rest of the photos in the Craftster thread, it really is a wonderful piece.

(I’m not gonna dupe-post every piece of artwork posted on Gamercraft, but this was too cool for school.)

(courtesy of Gamercraft)