Freakonomics wants a Wii

April 24th, 2007

Paul Kimmelman made a short guest-bloggin’ over at Freakonomics, mostly to pose a question that a lot of people I know are asking: why can you still not find a Wii after five months and five days? Even though I did finally obtain the system (after waiting outside a Best Buy in the rain one Sunday morning with my girlfriend), it amazes me that you still can’t run down to your local game shop and pick up a Wii on a whim (whiim? Nah, whim). While Nintendo probably can share some of the blame he tries to lay upon it (such as insufficient planning regarding manufacturing), I thought one of the later comments made a lot of sense: no one’s ever sold this many consoles in such a short period of time. There is hope, though, as Nintendo has recently stated that it’s gonna ramp up production shortly. Hopefully we’ll soon get past siutations like “Toys R Us will have three Wiis on the shelf Sunday morning, camp out in front a week early to get one”.

Well, you gotta have hope.