March 6th, 2007

The LEGO Group has announced that it will be creating a brand new massively multiplayer online game featuring its instantly recognizable modular plastic bricks! Details are somewhat scanty (all we get so far is a press release from the developers, and about half of that is boilerplate), but I love the idea of selecting a LEGO avatar and building up a world brick-by-brick! Let’s hope they can pull this off, I’d love to have the ability to design custom vehicles and weapons, and collaborating with fellow LEGO men to build up entire cities, castles and fortresses! Create multiple worlds spanning all the major genres (Pirate World, Space World, Aquanaut World, Medieval World, and so on), and allow characters and LEGO pieces from said worlds to interact and interbuild! Can you tell I’m excited by this prospect? Here’s hoping they make a Mac version (or even better, a Wii version).