I have an office!

What’s this now? Oh my, it would seem I now have a full-fledged office, complete with its own door! And *gasp* is that a desk? All for me?!? Why yes it is! My iBook and Mighty Mouse fit perfectly! I’ll take it! There couldn’t possibly be anything better than- wait just a minute! Hallelujah! Natural sunlight! There is a god! (he’s strung up tackily above the window)

(original images lost in the Great Internet Fire of Aught Five)

24 thoughts on “I have an office!”

      1. I’m a tech coordinator for a private school. I keep the computers in working order so the kids don’t grow up to be jaded Luddites.

        I am not a professional boat companion, no matter what Stef says. Or what I said, that one time.

        1. I thought what you said on more than one occasion was that you were not a ‘boat ho’. Perhaps I heard wrong.

          1. Are you *so* worried that some imposter is signing onto your livejournal to tell the world that you’re a boat companion?

  1. ahh, why didn’t you say you had a LJ!!! i love your comics, they make me laff and feel tingly inside. nope, no i just need to pee. *zooms*

    but seriously, i hope you post more often! and make more comics dammit! i’m fiending for them. <.<

      1. yeah, something and something makes two somethings? or nothing? the world may never know. but one thing’s for sure; *cracks whip* faster with the comic making, ice cream man! mwahahaha! oww.

  2. Zelda

    I’d like to say that I love your comic and now I envy your office.

    You are far too lucky to be left alive, I shall summon general faliure and tell him to move his armies all over your hard drives! Well… Except the zelda ones.

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