Spain Journal – El 22 de Junio, 2000

June 22nd, 2000

Jueves, el 22 de junio, 2000

The bus ride to Pamplona took more than 5 hours! I only slept for 3, so I spent about 2 hours playing Pokémon, until the batteries ran out. Pamplona was fun, but short. Our guide from NETC, Lisa Escobar, showed us where the bulls run during San Fermin on July 7th, and La Cafe Iruña, a restaurant Hemingway frequented. But after that, there wasn’t anything else to do. I walked around with Katya and some of the other girls, and we went in some stores and had some lunch, but we mostly just wandered aimlessly.

Luckily, the trip to San Sebastian was much quicker, 1 or 2 hours. Our hotel is on top of a huge hill overlooking the city. After looking around the hotel grounds a bit, I found a carnival-type thingy, but it wasn’t open. Maybe tomorrow…

Darien is really getting on my nerves. I don’t know what it is about him, but under normal circumstances I never would’ve even talked to him.

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