Spain Journal – El 21 de Junio, 2000

June 21st, 2000

Miercoles, el 21 de junio, 2000

Another fun day in Barcelona. Today we had a guided tour, which was pretty neat, except for the fat that our tour guide was an annoying old lady. She didn’t give us enough time to take a good look at anything, and she looked like a fool carrying around that stupid red umbrella, though it kept us from losing her. Thankfully, her tour was short: we took a quick look at the Olympic stadium, walked through another cathedral, then back to La Rambla. I had some yummy KFC for lunch, walked around for an hour, then went back to the hotel; there’s only so much you can do in La Rambla! After dinner, I went to bed early, so I could wake up early for the upcoming bus trip.

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