Tahoe Journal – Flag Day 1999

June 14th, 1999

Monday, June 14, 1999 (Flag Day)

We all went horseback riding today. Even though Donna and Kara continuously commented on my not riding last year (even though I had cracked ribs last year!), it was really fun. My horse, Denver, always wanted to pull ahead of Geronimo, Kara’s horse. That was cool.

Afterwards, everyone wanted another beach trip, but I stayed at the cabin. Somehow, that led everyone to believe that I hadn’t been outside all day, so Dad and Grandpa made me help them carry a boat down to the lake. Granted, I would’ve done it anyway, but they didn’t need to make up some lame excuse.

Before dinner, me and Grandma played a few card games, while the other kids played Monopoly. We had some great enchiladas, and for dessert, we enjoyed chocolate fondue with poundcake (yes, I was in heaven!).