Tahoe Journal – June 18th, 1999

June 18th, 1999

Friday, June 18th, 1999

Ah, our final hour. It defenitely wasn’t wasted. Thankfully, we didn’t have another Ponderosa trip. Instead, we had another ride on the Tahoe Gal. That was pretty fun. We took the Emerald Bay cruise. Donna didn’t want us to stay below decks this time, so we spent most of the trip sitting on top, fighting the wind. We saw some osprey’s nests, and even a few osprey. In Emerald Bay, we saw Vikingsholm and Fannette Island. Mostly, I chatted with Carlo about Pokémon, Star Wars, and other points of interest.

This evening, we gave Grampa his early Father’s Day present, a shirt with a fishook pattern (I know it’s spelled “fish hook)”. He loved it.

I really enjoyed myself this time. We didn’t do quite as much, and I didn’t swim. And there was Kara… Anyway, I still had tons of fun.

tahoe-1999-06-18 tahoe-1999-06-18_2