Tahoe Journal – June 20, 1998

June 20th, 1998

Saturday, June 20, 1998

Ah, our last day. This has been one of our longer Tahoe trips, and I think I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Once again, we took a ride on the Tahoe Gal. We learned some interesting stuff (did you know that the Dreyer’s ice cream family has a house on the lake?). It was about the same as usual, though.

After the boat ride, we went to Fast Eddie’s (Grampa calls it Fat Eddie’s, because he always has to loosen his belt when he goes there! ◕‿◕). I had a great big ½ pound burger. Amelia tried, but there was no contest; I had some of hers, too! I washed it all down with a nice tall glass of beer (root beer, that is!). Most of the kids went to the beach afterwards, but I decided to stay at the cabin and write my journal. I had fun this week. There were wonderful moments (and there were those other moments), but all in all, I had an enjoyable time.

tahoe-1998-06-20 tahoe-1998-06-20_2