Tahoe Journal – December 26, 1996

December 26th, 1996

Thursday, December 26, 1996

We almost didn’t make it to Tahoe this year, so be glad that you can read this entry!

When we started out at Los Gatos, it was about 9:15 AM. Already, there was rain coming down pretty hard.

While we were on the freeway, we heard on the radio that there was an accident farther down, and they were turning all the cars around! We almost had to drive back to Los Gatos! Luckily, traffic was moving so slowly, that by the time we reached the turnaround point, they let us through. We didn’t eat lunch, and when we finally got to the cabin (at 4:30 PM, I might add!), the entrance where we usually park was covered with snow!!! Dad had to drop us off, and we had to climb over the wall, and roll down! Then, we stuck our pants in the dryer, and wore blankets around our legs (not kidding!).

Although this trip hasn’t gotten off to a good start, I know it will get much better (I’ll give you a hint: SIX FEET OF SNOW!).