Tahoe Journal – Father’s Day 1996

June 16th, 1996

Sunday, June 16, 1996 (Father’s Day)

Today, as it says above, was Father’s Day. The kids gave Dad two T-shirts, a San Francisco Giants one and an “I Am Father, Hear Me Snore” one. Donna said it was perfect. Grandma gave Dad a birdhouse with a wooden sailor on it. Donna and Kara gave him a green shirt and tan pants.

For most of the day, we stayed at the beach. Mostly I would paddy the raft, and my arms ached afterwards. Grandma had bought some woggles and a connector piece to float on in the lake, and they were pretty fun to use. She promised to buy another connector to use at her house (they have tons of woggles there!) For lunch, we had sandwiches, chips, and “Squeezit” drinks. After I was done swimming, paddling, and “woggling”, Grandma and I played a game of “Neverending Crazy 8’s”, but stopped after about four rounds.

When we got home, Kara and Amelia continued their game of Monopoly, which they had started the night before! After many a few arguments, they decided to call it quits.