Tahoe Journal – June 19, 1996

June 19th, 1996

Wednesday, June 19, 1996

Today, we went to Emerald Bay again, but it was a little different. We took the long hike down again, only this time, the water level was raised considerably higher. We had a picnic lunch; I had a very good sausage sandwich. This time, we got to have a tour of Vikingsholm, and it was pretty cool.

That night, we went golfing. We went on the larger course (the one with 28 holes ), and it was pretty fun. I never got a “hole in one”, but I did very well, nonetheless. The “pendulum” and the “bear” were pretty tough, but other, like the “spider” and the “castle” were fairly simple.

After golfing, we played “Moonshine Mine”, which is a shooting game. You try to hit the targets, and something funny happens. Dad continuously hit one guy in the pants, and he always shot water in our faces. It was very fun.

[included mini-golf scores]