Tahoe Journal – June 26, 1995

June 26th, 1995

Monday, June 26, 1995

This morning, we went to the Ponderosa Ranch in Nevada. It was a lot of fun. We got to ride in a hay wagon to breakfast. On the way, we got stopped by an outlaw. After breakfast, we took a walk to the ranch, and at high noon, there was a showdown in the middle of town. I got a cap gun as a souvenier, as well as a deck of cards and a pin with the characters of “Bonanza” on it.

When we got back from the Ponderosa, we started searching for Donna’s glasses again, and when we looked under the couch cushion, we all (Me, Kara, Carlo, and Jack) found them. Dad gave all four of us $1.00, and all six kids got to go to Baskin Robbins.