Tahoe Journal – June 15, 1996

June 15th, 1996

Saturday, June 15, 1996

Today, we went to the Ponderosa Ranch, and it was different than the first time. As before, we went on a haywagon ride to breakfast, and saw an outlaw. Luckily, this time the hot chocolate didn’t burn my tongue! I was counted as an adult, and have the ticket to prove it! We went to the petting zoo, and got to feed the goats and sheep. They practically climbed on top of us to get the food! Later, we got a tour of the Cartwright house, which we didn’t get to do last time. As we walked farther, we got to see a guinea fowl lay and egg (Grandpa insisted it was a goat’s egg!), and saw three tine baby goats. As a souvenir, I got a really cool cedar box with the famous “burning map” on the lid. I also got an obsidian arrowhead to put inside.

At the showdown (which was postponed to 12:30, because of a wedding), it was a lot like last year, except for the actors. I got to suggest putting a stick of T.N.T. in the outhouse, to surprise the unsuspecting deputy. All on all, I had a great time.



Mario at Ponderosa Ranch

Dad, Mario, and Grampa at Ponderosa Ranch

The Kids at Ponderosa Ranch

Statue Impersonations